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Net benefits...

Organise your staff

The internetDiary system is ideal for organising sales staff, engineers or a remote workforce. For the first time you can share diaries without the need to have Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. You can access your diary and your contacts simply and securely from any internet connected computer, anywhere. This ability to share diaries is the best way to make sure that staff serve your clients the way your company needs to. internetDiary provides an interface that is truly user friendly and at the same time very secure. Inviting people to a meeting is now clear and easy, the colour coding allows you to see at a glance who was invited as well as who is attending and who is not. Changing an appointment is also easy. Change any of the details or delete the appointment and the invitees are informed in real time, you no longer have to wait for re-called mails.

Improve customer relationships - and your bottom line!

Recent research in the health and service sectors has shown an average of more than 10% of DNAs (did not attend) for appointments. One particular Health Authority - The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust - reported that in a single year, one of their hospitals had 23,837 DNAs. The cost to the service sector of missed appointments runs in to millions of pounds every year.

internetdiary's automated and personalised SMS messaging facility can deliver reminders, or confirmation text messages to your customers, staff or suppliers.  The use of this innovative technology:

• delivers a lasting impression to customers through personalised confirmation and reminder messages.

• keeps customers informed with service or product updates.

• ensures your customers 'ALWAYS' turn up for their appointments, and do so on time.

Organise your resources

Set up a diary for each resource - meeting room, vehicle, production line etc - and allow all users to view it. Give an administrator an edit share so they can set up an "event" for each booking. Now one person can control the bookings and everyone can see when that resource is available. Much more efficient than telephoning to ask each time.

No training necessary

Every one knows how to use a written diary, so changing over to internetDiary is easy as little or no training is needed. internetDiary makes complex tasks simple. If an employee becomes unavailable, it's not a problem. Move each of their appointments to someone else's diary with a single click of the mouse. Companies can now reduce their phone bills by using SMS messaging to keep in contact. This simple form of communication is growing with business users. Sorting out how to send a fax can be time consuming; now you can send one from your desktop.

Information at your fingertips

It has been said that information is key to all business, well now you can have it all at your fingertips no matter where you are in the world. If you encourage the contacts in your address book to sign up for this simple reliable service, you will never lose their vital contact information again.

internetDiary Pro features

  • Manage all your resources from one place
  • Share multi resource diaries accross your company
  • Secure server and encryption keeps your data private
  • integrated SMS increases revenue and improves customer relationships
  • Cost effective - Pro version works out at less than 7p per user per day
  • Simple to use. No training necessary
  • Unlimited free technical support via email

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Your diary was exceptional and I will be back ... to take advantage of its value and efficiency!

Bob Miller
Running Media Group,