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The week view. See all of your appointments for the week at a glance. Looks just like a paper diary.

The address book. Keep all your contacts in one place. Access their details from anywhere in the world

The event editor. Set up an event quickly and easily. Click to invite friends or colleagues. Automatically send reminders before the event.

Send SMS text messages faxes or emails quickly and easily from your web browser. You don't need a mobile phone or a fax machine

Ease of use.

internetDiary works in your web browser. That means there's nothing to download or install on your PC. It's designed to be as easy to use as a paper diary.

Available anywhere.

At home, at work, at the station, at the airport, in the internet cafe. You can use internetDiary anywhere you can connect to the internet.


One subscription fee - as many diaries as you like. Yes, really. One diary is automatically created for you. You add as many extra diaries as you want.


internetDiary is hosted on our secure server using state-of-the-art 128bit encryption to ensure that your personal information remains private. Look for the padlock icon in your browser. internetDiary goes a little further and encrypts your information once more before storing it in the database.


Keep each diary private, or select which friends, family members or colleagues you'd like to share it with. Give them read-only access so they can see what you are up to, or grant them read-write access and they can contribute to your diary too.

Set up events quickly and easily.

Choose a time and date and internetDiary will check all of your diaries and warn you of any conflicts. Select from a list those you'd like to invite and internetDiary will send them an email, or if you prefer, a text message or fax.

Automatically send reminders

Select any time from 15 minutes to a week before the event and internetDiary will do the rest, sending each person a reminder by your preferred contact method. Add yourself to the list. Never miss another appointment or forget someone's birthday again.

Import your contacts.

Easily import your contacts from Outlook or Outlook Express or manage your address book manually. internetDiary takes you through it step-by-step.


Organise your contacts into groups - contact every person in a group with a couple of mouse clicks

Instant email, text and fax.

Send anyone an email, text message or fax from any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world.

Never lose contact.

When another diary user updates their details, your address book is updated automatically.

Never lose your address book.

If your laptop or PDA is lost or stolen it can be a nightmare to add all of your contacts afresh. internetDiary means you can access all of your contacts from anywhere at any time.

For travellers.

internetDiary is "timezone aware". Synchronise your diary with any world time zone with two clicks. Reminders will be sent out from that diary at local time.

Organise your tasks.

Each diary comes with its own to-do list or notes page. Create one for work, one for home. Organise your life!


We've written an easy to read user guide which is full of examples and illustrations on how to get the best from your diary. Read it online, or download and print it if you prefer. There's a help button on every diary page to give you context sensitive help exactly when you need it. There's a series of video guides to take you through the most common tasks. If that doesn't answer your question, send an email to support@internetdiary.net. We're happy to help. Your subscription entiltles you to unlimited free email technical support.

Free trial.

Try internetDiary absolutely free for 30 days. We'll even give you 10 free text or fax credits so you can explore all of the features of the diary for yourself.

internetDiary Pro features

  • Manage all your resources from one place
  • Share multi resource diaries accross your company
  • integrated SMS increases revenue and improves customer relationships
  • Cost effective - Pro version works out at less than 7p per user per day
  • Simple to use. No training necessary
  • Unlimited free technical support via email

Case Study

A large telecoms company uses the diary system to communicate with its sales force. Sales manager John says "Our sales force mainly work from home. Now I can keep track of their appointments and they are in touch with the office each night... I can re-arrange appointments with ease. The added bonus of not have to purchase expensive equipment just adds to the service."