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internetDiary is a very useful thing for someone with my memory!

Sue Bright

Case Study

A family from Northumberland has two daughters away at university. They have a shared family diary that each person can edit. This is perfect for keeping track of family events, term dates, fees-due dates, weekend visits and so on.

In the summer vacation it is also used for car sharing!

internetdiary is ideal for personal use. If you require a diary then this is the service for you. For around the same cost as a normal paper diary you get exactly that... with so much more. As well as your online diary, you also get the ability to send text messages, emails or faxes from any internet connected computer.  

Family and friends. Set up a diary and allow each member of the family to login. Enter birthdays, holidays, appointments - hospital, dental, optician, hair, garage, family events. Anyone in your address book can have an email or text message to invite them and/or remind them of any event.

Loved ones far away . Keep in touch with family and friends who are far away - overseas, at university, on a gap year and so on. They can access internetDiary as easily as if they were at home.

Clubs and societies. Golf clubs, football and cricket teams - enter all your fixtures or meetings into the diary and share it with all of the members. Flying clubs - set up a diary and share it with the others in your syndicate. Everyone can see when the aircraft is booked and when it is available.

Car sharing. Set up a diary for the car. Create an event for each journey and automatically invite others in your car pool. They can respond using the remarks box when they receive the invitation. You can instantly check to see whose coming.

When travelling. Access your diary from anywhere - hotel room, internet café, airport, railway station - anywhere there's internet access you are in touch with your contacts and your schedule.

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