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internetDiary Pro features

  • Add multiple users to your account
  • Each user can have
    many diaries
  • Customise diaries to your corporate identity
  • Share diaries securely across networks
  • Secure server and encryption protects your data
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • Free software upgrades
  • Access your contacts anywhere
  • Free text messages and faxes included in the monthy subscription

Every business needs rapid access to information. Its staff need to communicate with each other and with customers and to organise their time efficiently and effectively.

internetDiary Pro helps many types of business to achieve these objectives every working day:

Now any company, no matter how small, can share many diaries over different networks without having to purchase software licences or hardware. internetDiary Pro offers the same connectivity enjoyed by large corporates at a fraction of the cost of systems such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server or Lotus Notes

With internet Diary Pro, your staff can share diaries within the same office or anywhere in the world without the need for dedicated hardware, IT support staff or costly upgrades.


Efficient, completely secure, easy to use shared diaries. Available 24 hours a day from any internet connected computer, compatible with most internet browsers.

Easy to use. Because the interface has the look and feel of a written diary, little or no training is required. Your staff will be up and running in minutes. If you have a problem, you have access to unlimited technical support via email direct from our software developers.

Customised. internetDiary Pro can be quickly and easily rebranded giving it the appearance of software developed specially for your company. No web design skills are required

Control. internetDiary Pro gives you complete control of your staff, meetings, appointments or resources such as meeting rooms, equipment or vehicles. You will have shared diaries, shared schedules, calendars and a portable office all from a single source. Plus with InternetDiary Pro you get a free text and fax service.

Automatic updates ensure you never lose important contact information again. When another internetDiary user updates their details, if they're in your address book, the entry is updated automatically.

Create events or meetings. See at a glance who is coming and who is not with our unique colour coding system. Edit or change events in real time. When your contact views the invitation, they can send their comments back to you. Click on their name to see them. Automatically create reminders by SMS text, fax or e-mail so you will never be late for a meeting again.

Set up a diary for each sales representative. Allow an administrator read/write access to each diary. Now one person can create appointments for all the representatives, internetDiary Pro automatically checks for conflicts. Each representative can access their appointments from anywhere and feed back the result of each one using the remarks facility Or by sending an instant email, an instant text message or an instant fax via InternetDiary Pro.

Secure. internetDiary Pro is hosted on our secure server using state-of-the-art 128bit encryption to ensure that your business information remains private. Look for the padlock icon in your browser. InternetDiary Pro goes a little further and encrypts your information once more before storing it in the database.

Flexible. internetDiary Pro is available on a flexible annual subscription which can be scaled up or down according to your current needs. Need to establish a project team quickly? Your annual subscription can be increased to cover the required number of users instantly. Project completed? Revert your annual subscription to a lower level or even cancel at any time. With internetDiary Pro no long term committment is required.

Access your diaries from anywhere - hotel room, internet café, airport, railway station - anywhere there's internet access you are in touch with your contacts and your schedule.

Synchronise your diary to the world time zone you are in with two clicks of the mouse. When you are travelling abroad, leave your home diary in your own country's time zone, synchronise your business diary to the country you are visiting. Reminders will be sent from each diary at the correct time

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  • 100% Rebrandable
  • Secure ordering
  • Money-back guarantee

Featured testimonial

The internet diary has been a life saver for me and an invaluable tool for my business, as my calls and my diary are often managed by various members of my team.  Of course it's great value for money and that is an added bonus...

Rifiat Jadwat

Case study

A large haulage company has a fleet of over 30 vehicles and around 100 skips. Within their company account an administrator has created a diary for each vehicle & skip. Now they can track each one on a daily basis. They create events and use the reminder service to prompt their drivers to collect the skips on time. They can also manage fleet maintenance in a much more efficient way. Contacting drivers is made easy with text messages to keep them updated of any changes.

Service manager George said: "this simple service allows us to control our fleet for a fraction of the cost of the other system. Our drivers can even login and keep us updated on their progress"