Why is there no free version of internetDiary?

You can try internetDiary completely free for the first 30 days. That’s the full version of the software with no restrictions whatsoever. If you don’t like it and cancel within the 30 days you don’t pay.

We don’t sell advertising space on our app. We don’t sell our mailing list to anyone. We intend to keep it that way for ever, so every penny of your subscription money goes toward running the service – maintaining the server and the software and providing support.

How do I cancel my internetDiary subscription?

When you signed up for your 30-day trial internetDiary account, a WorldPay FuturePay Agreement was set up to to take a regular subscription payment from your payment card. You can cancel this Agreement at any time in the following way

Go to WorldPay’s Shopper Help page at http://www.worldpay.com/shopper/admin and log in to the Shopper Management System with the username and password which WorldPay emailed to you when you first subscribed (Note that this is different from your internetDiary username and password which you use to access your diary).

If you have lost or forgotten your WorldPay username and password, simply click on the link “Forgotten your password?” on the WorldPay website. Now enter your email address and FuturePay Agreement ID (which you can get from any payment receipt email from WorldPay) and your log-in details will be emailed to you.

Once you are successfully logged in, the Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Shopper Home Page is displayed. Under the heading “Future Pay Agreements” click on the arrow labelled “Change Details”. On the next page click on the arrow labelled “CANCEL”. On the next page you will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Click “YES”. You will now see a page which confirms the agreement was cancelled. You will also receive an email from WorldPay to confirm the cancellation.

Once you have cancelled, no further payments will be taken from your payment card. You will be able to continue to access your diary until the end of your current subscription (or trial period). At the end of this period, after a further few days, you will no longer be able to access your diary, so you should ensure you have downloaded any information you require before the end of your subscription period.

Your information will continue to be held on our servers for a further 30 days after which time it will automatically be deleted.

If you have any difficulty in cancelling, send us an email at support@internetdiary.net and we will cancel it for you.

How do I pay for the service?

When you sign up for a 30 day free trial, you will be asked to enter your payment card details on our secure payment page at WorldPay in order to set up a FuturePay Agreement. The first payment date will be set 30 days from the present day. You can cancel your agreement at any time during the 30 days, and no money will be taken.

If you are happy with internetDiary and wish to go ahead with your subscription, you need take no action and your payment card will be charged after 30 days.

You can pay using any credit card or debit card accepted by WorldPay. If you are paying with a different currency than British Pounds, you can pay by credit card, but not by debit card. Your card issuer may charge you for the currency conversion. Please check with your card issuer for more details. We are sorry but we do not accept cheques, standing orders or Direct Debits.

internetDiary says I am already logged in and won’t let me go any further, why?

One of the improvements we have made to the security of our software prevents multiple users from logging in simultaneously using the same email address and password. As a result, if you leave your diary running on one computer and try to log in again from somewhere else, the system recognises that you are already logged in and will not allow you to log in again. To avoid this problem, try to get in the habit of logging out when you are finished with your diary.

Sometimes, you might close your browser window, then decide you need to use internetDiary again. When you try to log back in you get the message telling you you are already logged in. Again, you can avoid this problem by clicking on the log out button before closing the browser window. Alternatively, instead of closing the browser window, click the Minimise button instead. That way your diary is running in the background and ready for instant use without logging in again.

If you do find yourself “locked out” for any reason, perhaps by accidentally closing your browser window, try opening a new browser window, then use your browser history to go back to a recent internetDiary page when you were logged in (if you don’t know where to find the browser history, consult the help files for your browser). This doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try.

If all else fails, simply wait 10 minutes, then you will be able to log in again.

I’ve had an email from WorldPay saying my subscription payment was refused, why?

You set up a FuturePay Agreement at WorldPay when you signed up for internetDiary. At the end of the free 30 day trial period and each year on the agreed payment date WorldPay attempts to take payment from your credit or debit card. WorldPay will automatically try up to three times at 24 hour intervals and will notify you by email of success or failure.

If the payment fails for any reason, you should contact your bank or the issuer of the credit/debit card, and they will tell you the reason for the failure.

Possible reasons include that your card is over the credit limit, or past the expiry date. Also it is possible that you may have made a typing error when entering your card details such as misspelling name or address or selecting the wrong expiry date for example.

When you have found out from your bank why they refused the payment, you should log in to your account at WorldPay and update your payment card details, WorldPay will then automatically re-try to take your subscription payment. To update your payment card details:

1. Go to the WorldPay Shopper login page at:


2. Now enter your WorldPay Username and Password which were emailed to you by WorldPay when you set up your internetDiary account. (Note these are different from the username and password you use to access your diary).

If you cannot find your WorldPay login details click the link “Forgot your password?”

Enter your FuturePay Agreement ID number and your email address then click “Send reminder”. A new password will be emailed to you. You will find your FuturePay Agreement ID number on any internetDiary receipt or WorldPay receipt or you can email us at support@internetdiary.net and we will look it up for you.

3. You should now see a page titled “Agreements for ……” (your user name).

4. Click on the Agreement ID number in the left hand column

5. At the top of the page click on the “Change Payment Details” button

6. Fill in your payment card details and click Submit to save your changes.

Now your details are updated, the WorldPay system will automatically try to re-take your payment on the next scheduled payment run (usually in the early hours of the morning.). Assuming that it is successful this time, then your internetDiary account will be automatically re-activated. You will also receive an email from WorldPay notifying you that payment was successfully taken.

When I login in it says session timed out and when I try again it says already logged in, why?

Your browser is not accepting cookies from www.internetdiary.net. Your browser must be set to accept cookies from this domain as this is how the website maintains the “session” information.

What do you mean by technical support?

We offer free of charge a 24 hour support e-mail service to all internetDiary users. You can contact us at any time with a question or a suggestion for improving our service by e-mailing support@internetdiary.net  We try to answer all queries within 48 hours. Most queries are answered much more quickly than that. Most of the answers to problems encountered by our customers can be found on the website or within the easy to read User Guide

What happens if the website is unavailable?

Like all internet companies we strive to make sure this never happens. Our service is hosted on our own dedicated secure server by a leading internet service provider who belong to the PIPEX Communications group. PIPEX occupies three locations in London Docklands, which provide their connection to other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) via the London Internet Exchange (LINX) or other Internet transit providers in Europe and North America. Each of their data centres has a choice of targeting any one of the three London sites for access to the Internet ensuring that connectivity to the web site is always maintained.

As part of a tier 1 network provider they are able to offer a unqiue level of network capacity and peformance as well as an industry leading 100% uptime guarantee.

Our server has a replication partner which can take over its workload in the event of a problem or during planned maintenance. In addition, data on our server is backed up every night to tape, with tapes being stored off site.

If the unexpected should happen which is outside our control we will do our best to ensure the service is resumed as quickly as possible. No data will be lost, but you should e-mail us at support@internetdiary.net


I can’t log in with my username and password

First double check that you are using the correct username and password. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is not on on your keyboard, as passwords are case-sensitive. Try copying your password from your welcome email and pasting it into the password box to eliminate typing errors. If this does not fix the problem, there are three possible causes. If possible, check whether it’s a problem related to your particular computer by logging in from another computer.

  • You may unknowingly have some sort of spyware on your computer. If you are using Microsoft Windows, go to Microsoft’s website and download, install and run the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware program to resolve this problem: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/default.mspx
  • You are using AOL as an ISP. AOL redirects messages from your computer to avoid spamming software. This disrupts your internet “session” which allows the web server to indentify that you are logged in to your account. Contact AOL and ask them activate our website for you (www.internetdiary.net), or you could consider changing your ISP.
  • You have the security settings in your browser set too high. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, try setting the security level to Medium. (Tools menu > Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Click Internet, then move the slider to Medium. Click OK to save your changes.)

If the above methods do not fix the problem, send us an email at support@internetdiary.net so that we can investigate.

I have forgotten my password

Go to the log-in page and click on “I’ve Forgotten My Password” just below the password box. You will be taken to a new screen. Enter your e-mail address into the box, then click on the “Submit” button. Your password will be emailed to you again. Once you have successfully logged in, you can change your password to something more memorable if you wish by clicking on “Edit my account” . Enter your new password. Re-enter it to confirm, then click “Update details” to save your changes. Next time you log in, remember to use your new password!

I can log into my diary but when I click on any icons or menu buttons nothing happens, why?

Whenever you click on any icon or button in your diary a new browser window will open.
Please check to see whether you have installed a browser add-on menu which includes a pop-up blocker.
These include the Yahoo Toolbar, Google Toolbar and other anti-virus software.
For Yahoo Toolbar
• Once installed the default setting is pop-up windows blocked.
• You will notice that a new menu bar will have appeared just below the address bar with the Yahoo logo.
• Along the toolbar you will see a small square window icon, this is the pop-up blocker.
• First log into your diary, Click on the icon and a drop down menu will appear, select “Always allow Pop-ups from”
• In the window “sources of recently blocked pop-ups” select www.internetdiary.net and click allow. If this option is greyed out, then you are not logged in as an administrator.
• Seek advice from your normal computer support team to overcome this problem.

For Google Toolbar
• You will notice that a new menu bar will have appeared just below the address bar with the Google logo
• Once installed the default setting is pop-up windows blocked
• Along the toolbar you will see a small window with the number of windows blocked, this is the pop-up blocker icon
• At the end of the toolbar you will see options icon , click on it
• From the menu you can set the status of the blocker to on or off
• Next log into your diary
• If when you click on any icon or menu button on your diary and nothing happens
• Click on the pop-up blocker icon in the menu bar and it will allow pop-ups for your diary

Other Virus Scanning Software
Please check the software manual or with your software supplier for instructions to enable pop-ups for certain sites.

I can’t see all the information in some of the windows

You are using a non-standard browser. The internetDiary site is designed to work with most common browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera on the PC and Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera on the Mac, but some may still show slight problems in appearance. Use your cursor to “stretch” the window to show any hidden information, or try another browser.

Do other people who I want to share my diary with have to have an internetDiary account?

Yes they do. They have to log-in to internetDiary as a user in order to view your diary. They must at least sign up for the free 30-day trial.

How secure is the system?

Very secure. The internetDiary service is hosted on a secure server using 128-bit encryption. This means that all of your data is encrypted as it passes between your web browser and the server, so that in the unlikely event that someone was to “eavesdrop” on the network, they would not be able to read any of your information. You can check that this is the case by looking for “https:” at the beginning of the website address in your browser. Also you will see the closed padlock icon to confirm that the connection is secure.

When your text entry or event details arrive at the server, this information is re-encrypted before being saved into the database, so that not even internetDiary staff can read what you have written.

Your password is the key to open your diaries, so make sure no one else learns it. If you think someone has discovered your password then please change it right away by clicking on the “Edit my details” button, available on the first screen after you have logged in, or on the weekly or daily diary pages.

I have just been logged out of the system, why?

After a period of inactivity in your diary the system may log you out in order to keep the web server working efficiently. This is perfectly normal and is not a bug. If this happens, just log back in again.

Are there additional costs?

Your subscription to internetDiary Personal includes access to the diary service. We include an allowance of 5 text messages so that you can try out the functionality. If you’d like to send more you can add a ‘Bundle’ to your account. Click the button on the diary page to get started.

internetDiary Pro includes a monthly text allowance. 100 per month for a 5 user account, 200 for a 10 user account and so on. See the Pricing page for full details

Support Included?

Yes. Your subscription includes access to email technical support at support@internetdiary.net. Our software developers will answer every email as soon as possible – normally within an hour or two during office hours. If you need an answer faster, try checking the FAQs, or take a look at the user friendly User Guide.

We’re sorry, but we’re not able to offer telephone support.

I can’t delete an event from my diary

You can only edit or delete events in diaries which you own, or to which you have been granted read-write access. If you have read-only access to a diary you will be able to view events it contains, but not change them. In this case ask the owner of the diary to grant you read-write access, or ask the event organiser to update its details, whichever is appropriate.

Is there a limit to how much I can write in any of the windows?

Yes there is, it’s 5000 characters in a diary text entry, a fax message or an email message, and 160 characters in a text message (including the signature).

I have been using the internetDiary Personal for some time and wish to convert to the Pro version, will I lose all my data in my diaries?

You can convert at any time. Simply e-mail us at support@internetdiary.net and our support team will make sure that all your data is converted for you.

Is there any training available for internetDiary or internetDiary Pro?

internetDiary is very easy to use and works just like a written diary. We provide an easy to read User Guide which you can download. Also you can get context-sensitive help by clicking on the Help button in any window. This will open the User Guide at the relevant page. Also on this page you will find a list of Hints and Tips which will help you to get the most from your internetDiary.

I want to upload my address book but it’s not a Microsoft product

We are developing the service all the time, but we can’t support every product. If it’s a system you think we should support please e-mail support@internetdiary.netand we will try to deal with your request.

Can I access internetDiary or internetDiary Pro from a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, internetDiary works on any desktop computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone or smartphone. The application runs in the web browser on your mobile device. Use the “Add to home page” function on your smartphone or tablet so that internetDiary will work like an app.

The time displayed on my diary seems wrong

Each time you open your diary, the time on your PC is compared with the time on our server. Our server time is set to Greenwich Mean Time. Your diary time will be set to the local time on your computer when that diary was created. To fix this problem:

1. Check the time and date on your computer to make sure it is set to the correct time for the country you are in.
2. Click on the warning triangle next to the time in your diary. You will be asked if you want to synchronise your diary. Click yes to synchronise this diary to the local time set on your computer.

Any other diaries you may own are unchanged so you can have different diaries set to different local time zones if you wish.

For more information, see the User Guide under Switch Time Zones.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes. If you have a Pro account you can increase or decrease the maximum number of users at any time.

If you start with an internetDiary Personal account and later decide you’d like to change to a Pro account, send us an email and we’ll transfer your account across.

You can cancel your account at any time, Pro or Personal.

Hints and Tips

Adding internetDiary to the Home screen of your iPhone

Use Safari to go to the website and navigate to the log in page, then click the forward icon at the bottom of your iPhone screen (box with an upward arrow). Select “Add to Home Screen” and an icon for internetDiary will be added to your iPhone making it quicker to access. You can also speed things up if you use the autofill feature to automatically enter your email address and password. You’ll find this in Settings > Safari > set Names and Passwords to On.

Getting Windows to remember your username and password

Open your Windows browser. From the top menu select Tools, then select “Internet options”. From the next window select the tab named “content” On the 3rd panel you will see the button “AutoComplete”. Click on it. Make sure there is a tick in both boxes for the “username and passwords on forms” and “prompt me to save passwords”. Note that if your computer is accessible to others, then saving your password in this way may allow them to access your diary(ies). Use this option with caution!

Forgot your password/change your password

If you ever forget your password, go to the log-in page and click on “I’ve forgotten my password”. At the next screen enter your email address and click “Submit”. Your password will be emailed to you. Incidentally, it’s really easy to change your password from the one we send you to something you can remember more easily. Click on “Edit my account”, enter a new password twice and click “Update details”. Next time you log in, remember to use your new password!

Setting up text message reminders

First add your own details to your address book, make sure you add your e-mail address and mobile telephone number. Make sure you select that reminders are sent by text. Now create an event for the date and time you need reminding. You can select the time for the reminder from 15 minutes up to 7 days before the event. Select your own name from the “Inform these people” list and click Save. A reminder will be sent to your phone, including date time, place and any comments. Now you will never forget anything again! (Remember that text messages may be delayed by network traffic which is beyond the control of internetDiary)

Setting up an event

Have you tried setting up an event in your diary yet? Use it for making appointments, meetings or booking resources such as a meeting room or company vehicle. Just click on the event icon Next enter a name for the event, then select from your address book those people you’d like to invite. (They don’t have to be internetDiary users, they’ll still receive an invitation). If you’d like to send reminders as well, select a time from 15 minutes up to 7 days before the event and everyone you select will get a reminder. Reminders can be sent by e-mail, text or fax. If a reminder is set, the organiser always receives an email, so you don’t have to add yourself to the list of invitees.

Creating a new diary

It’s really easy to add additional diaries to your Pro account, and it doesn’t cost any extra (Pro accounts only). If you have a work diary, you might decide to add another one for home or family and vice versa. Click on “Manage diaries” and then click “Add”. Give your new diary a name. If you want to share it with another internetDiary user, enter their email address in the box. (This must be the email address they used when signing up for their internetDiary account.) If you want them to be able to edit your diary (add text entries and events and so on) check the box marked “Edit”. If you want them to be able to read your diary, but not to change anything, leave this box unchecked.

Click “Save” and you will see your new diary in the list. If you have shared it, the name(s) of the sharer(s) will be shown next to it. To switch to your new diary, click on its name. To change its name, or add more sharers, click on the pencil icon next to the name.

Importing Outlook or Outlook Express address books

Did you know that it’s really easy to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express into your internetDiary address book? After you have logged in to your diary, click on “Address book” then click “Import contacts” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Jumping to a date

Did you know when you want to move to a date in the future or the past, instead of clicking through the calendar a month at a time you can jump straight to it? Just click on the Month/Year (e.g. June 2005) at the top of the calendar. A pop-up window will open. Here you can select any date up to 5 years in the future or the past and click Go to jump straight to it! You can get back quickly to the current week by clicking “This week” on the bottom of the diary pages.

Create a shortcut on your desktop with windows explorer

Open your browser, and go to the webpage internetdiary.net Put your mouse pointer anywhere on the page and click on the right hand mouse button. From the list select “create shortcut” and you will see a window which says “a shortcut to the current page will be placed on your desktop” press the “OK” button.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Here are a couple of ways to get help

User guide

The quickest way to get help is to consult the User Guide. Click the Help button at the top of your diary screen or download it here.

User Guide PDF

Support email

Send us an email and one of our friendly, knowledgeable UK support staff will get back to you as soon as possible – normally within a couple of hours.